Friday, May 17, 2013

Well tomorrow looks like a 50/50

Tomorrow is supposed to be the second race of the year, but looks like we might be staying home.  It's supposed to rain all weekend.  Then again, it was supposed to rain today but it barely did and my brother and Dad are out racing.  I don't want another crappy/cold night of racing though... I want to be out there in shorts and a tank top in the sunshine and warmth!

I'm also hoping if we do go racing that Annabelle will be good for her aunt and uncle.  She's been SUPER fussy and restless this past week.  Not sure if it's her colic or something else... I feel so bad because I know she's tired but she won't sleep, I know she's crabby but I can't always hold her...

I just hope Annabelle becomes a happy baby again and SOON.

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