Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Day w/ My Love

So this morning started out with Annabelle hogging my entire bed, I was sleeping on the edge.  Then Annabelle fell back asleep after her 8am bottle which let me sleep a little while longer!  I got to go up to the school today and re-enroll so now I'm back at the high school!  Which I am very excited about!  (Hopefully everything goes as planned).  I spent the rest of my day playing with Annabelle and helping her with her sitting up, she's getting very good at sitting by herself!  I am proud!  I also worked out today.  I need to start working out on a regular basis, seriously!  I quit my other workout plan because I felt I was getting NO results and wasn't actually building any muscle.  This new workout I found I could actually feel my muscles working.  Then the rest of the day I just relaxed.  Went to walmart with Mom and Annabelle then came home and shopped online for cloth diapers.  I tried to find some other cheaper cloth diapers but had no success (not like the ones I get are expensive).  I got a new wet/dry bag for the diapers, 3 new diapers, and 10 4-layer bamboo/microfiber inserts for the diapers since Annabelle's a heavy wetter.  I am so excited to get these in the mail!  Will be ordering more next week as well :)  So now after this order comes in, Annabelle will have 8 diapers, 8 1-layer microfiber inserts, 10 4-layer microfiber/bamboo inserts, and 2 wet/dry bags.  Yay!

Here's some pictures from this weekend and today (I even added a cute video of Annabelle sitting up!)

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