Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Oh My What a Good Day!

Well, first off Annabelle was up like every 15 minutes last night!  Every single time I went up there (except one time) she would be sleeping again by the time I got upstairs!  It took me till 5am to realize she's self-soothing!  So I stayed up and waited, heard her cry and she went back to bed without me getting up!  Then I finally went to sleep and her and I both slept till her 8am bottle!  I tried to take our morning nap after her bottle but she refused to sleep so eventually I dragged both our butts out of bed and ended up going on a walk which was a bad mistake because it was 90 degrees outside!  I really wanted to go on the walk though to get her to sleep since she needed at nap.  She fell asleep on our walk and I brought her in to sleep in the house.  I got some cleaning done but not much!  Got some of Annabelle old baby stuff packed away for my friend who's having a baby, I love helping her out as much as possible!  After I got that all done the rest of the day was pretty much spent cleaning while holding Annabelle, playing with the dog and playing with Annabelle like usual! No surprise there!  We also went grocery shopping today!  I looked up some new/healthy dinner/lunch ideas for us since my Dad and I have been meaning to start trying different things instead of the usual, that gets boring!  So we got stuff for three bean and beef chili, sloppy joes, garlic angel hair pasta w/broccoli, crispy chicken strips w/salad, italian subs. and peanut butter balls (just a snack).  I'm excited to be making all these meals from scratch and getting in the kitchen more!  I love trying new foods!  :)  Thanks every one for taking the time to read my blog posts and give feedback, you guys are awesome :)

Annabelle has the Johnson family feet!  Crooked toe, and pointed pinky toe nail!  I don't have the crooked toe but definitely the pointed pinky toenail! 

Annabelle ready for her walk!

The box of goodies going to my friend :)

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