Friday, June 28, 2013

A Fun and RAINY Day

So today was pretty much spent cleaning.  Then I took Annabelle out to the coffee shop to hang out with my friend which was really fun till I walked home!  I started walking home and it started POURING outside.  Annabelle wasn't in a stroller, I was carrying her.  But I was smart and brought her sweatshirt just in case it rained.  I thought I'd be able to get home because the rain let down, but as soon as I got up on the main road someone came driving by and it was EXACTLY like one of those movie scenes where a car drives by and just SOAKS the person on the sidewalk in water... Yeah that was me and Annabelle...So I turned around and hid undercover at our city hall and had my mom come get us.  Man was that interesting! haha.  Today was good though!  Probably should have brought the stroller but the stroller tires always get screwed up so I don't want it to get stuck while crossing the main/busy intersection with Annabelle.  Carrying her is just easier (except on my arms haha).  I think we will have to make another trip over there soon :)  Very fun!

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