Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whew...Another Great/Busy weekend!

So this weekend was spent racing and playing with bubbles!  I didn't do AS good as I did last week but the track wasn't in great conditions and it just wasn't my night.  I didn't do too bad though!  Just having fun and getting better each weekend.  Wish I could have another lucky weekend last last week though.  I ended up 11th out of 14 cars I believe, in my feature.  We were very surprised we raced due to the bad storms and rain, but the sun came out in the nick of time and then started raining again after the races were done.  So obviously something was in our favor!

My Friend Tyler and I Wore Each Others Race Colors For the Night!  :D

On another note, I got Annabelle a bubble machine so we have something else fun to do outside!  Annabelle's not quite sure what to think of the bubbles yet, and the machine is a tad louder than I thought it would be but it does what it's supposed to for the money I spent on it! :)

Tonight were trying this recipe for homemade chicken strips and a salad :)  I am VERY excited and will you tell you all how it turns out!

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