Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh Man...

So first I wake up feeling like I got hit by a train.  I could barely move, and still hurts a ton to move.  I'm not sure what made me so sore!  Also, I'm pretty sure Annabelle's teething now.  She won't take her nuks unless she's really tired and even then she chews on then for the longest time till she actually sucks on it, and she started crying if i gave her nuk so I'd put my finger in her mouth and she about gnawed off my finger!  A little later I found some of her teething toys and gave them to her, she LOVED it.  So maybe we will be seeing a pearly white soon huh?  Even though I've felt her gums and don't really feel any bumps or anything and her gums aren't white.  Besides the pain both Annabelle and I are experiencing today we had lots of fun playing! Spent a lot of time outside today on the porch while Kodin played in the yard.  Had to get Annabelle's stuff packed up and ready to go to her aunt and uncles tomorrow since it's race night!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better than last week.  Today I also accomplished getting to page 173 in my book, earlier i was at 125!  Oh and another thing, I got dog tags in the mail today from the marines!  Woohoo, I love them! :)  Annabelle getting really good at sitting up these days as well!  I'm super happy about that :)  I think that's it for today.  Have a great weekend everyone! :) Oh wait! I just remembered yesterday night I looked at my stomach and out of no where I have SOME type of bug/spider bite on my stomach!  It's so itchy and swollen.  Okay, NOW I think that's it. :)

Here's some fun pictures of my little butterfly (and my nasty bug/spider bites):

My dog tags :)

Annabelle loved playing with my bag of sunflower seeds :)

Her pretty little red polka dot dress :)

my gross bites

sitting up like a big girl before bed time :)

"Pursue your passions, any way you can"

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