Sunday, June 9, 2013

So Last Night Was Great...Till the End

Racing was going so great last night!  I was getting faster and doing a lot better.  I felt great and so did the car.  I was super excited for my feature except for the fact I was sitting in my car for like 20mins waiting for the sprints to FINISH, they took forever and a day with a million and one cautions.  To say the least I was a BIT irritated, I am one of the least patient people on this planet.  Anyways I thought the feature was going awesome until someone rolled RIGHT in front of me.... I saw her spin out and dive down but I thought that was it till I see the bottom of her car right in front of my windshield.  I thought I was okay till the race started again, I tried staying out there but I just got too freaked out (the first time that I've ever been freaked out racing)  and I ended up pulling off. I have never seen someone roll their car till last night.  I have soon roll overs on video but it's very different on video than in person, especially right in front of you as you're racing and about to hit them... here's the video of my in car cam of the wreck.  it's a few laps in, and after that there's no point in watching the video because I don't even do anything.

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