Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doctor Doctor Doctor!

Went in for Annabelle's 6 month appointment yesterday!  She did great!  She weighs 15lbs 12oz and is 26in tall!  Insane!  She's sitting up, rolling over, babbling, etc.  She's so strong too!  Her doctor has to fight her to check her arms/legs because she's too strong haha.  Annabelle's so big now!  We talked about starting solid foods so now there will be one time during the day every day where I eat and she eats at the same time like lunch or dinner :)  After her appointment we brought my books back to the library and went to the grocery to get annabelle fresh bananas, an avacado, nectarines, and carrots :)  I won't be feeding her baby food because it's so unhealthy.  Yesterday she had bananas for dinner!  Most ended up on her bib but that's alright!  She started eating it after a while but it will take some time :)

 she wanted the whole banana!

what ended up on her bib lol gross

Annabelle was up all night because of her shots so she slept in my room.  When we got up this morning she had a temp of 101 so i gave her a cool washcloth, some tylenol and got her to sleep for 3 hours after her first bottle till her next bottle, then her temp was 99.3 so I must have done something right.  She pretty much slept again till her next bottle again till 2pm and then i tried to play with her outside but she got crabby so shes sleeping again.  I got some pictures though! Even a SMILE!

lovin the curly hair!

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