Monday, June 24, 2013

Lost Puppy!

today started great!  I got up just before Annabelle did so I was actually awake and happy!  I thought I was going to stay awake this morning but Annabelle fell asleep so I did as well haha.  I woke up though before her next feeding so I had time to clean bottles and do laundry.  I got more cloth diapers in the mail as well so I was very happy this morning! Everything is washed and dried.  Then there was a pit bull mix running around our neighborhood, she kept coming back to our house though.  She was very friendly but we couldn't find her owner so we had to call the cops.  She chewed through her leash that she was on (not a smart idea on the owners part putting a dog of that size on a regular leash and not a chain)... Anyways she's safe and she was nice to be around.  Annabelle sure loved her!  Afterward Annabelle and I played with her bubble machine again, the wind was a bit stronger so the bubbles were floating everywhere!  She's still not sure what to think of them but it's still fun (at least to me). Then some family came over and saw Annabelle :)  That was fun!  The rest of the night has been pretty calm.  We put Annabelle footprints on mine and my brothers race cars, turned out very cute!  So I'd say today was successful!

3 new diapers, one wetbag, and 10 4-layer inserts

New Zebra diaper!

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